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"KJ" Lange is a Managing Broker with John L Scott Real Estate in Poulsbo, Washington. Unlike many Realtors, KJ brings a "fresh look" at real estate through the prism of 25 years experience in marketing and advertising in the Chicago market. The ability to build relationships in business and the art of negotiation are just two of the skills she brings to the world of real estate. Although her ability to navigate contracts is impeccable, she believes that real estate is about much more than "transactions". She values education that makes her a better Realtor and for her that includes earning her Managing Brokers license and Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation. She stays current on real estate law and manages her business from her office in Poulsbo 

Knowing that a baby-boomer is entering the "senior market" every 8 seconds
caused her to realize that more of her work in the community will involve couples planning for a major life transition, or a widow/er might be planning to make a move that really breaks their heart to make, or the kids are worried about mom or dad living alone, or the house is just too much for them to keep up. Also, people are planning to "right size" their living space just because they want to travel or lead a lifestyle that doesn't tie them to their house. Each of these situations requires planning and forethought that often is beyond the simple act of selling a house. For example,


·         Sometimes, mom and dad can stay in their home with the help of home health care services.

·         Sometimes, mom really can afford to stay in her home.
She's able and healthy but the cost might be offset with a reverse mortgage.

·         Sometimes, it's just time to sell and buy something smaller or all on one level.

·         Sometimes, it's a matter of adding some lever door handles instead of knobs, adding an emergency alert system, adding grab bars in the bathroom, getting a comfortable chair to get in and out of, widening doorways, making the home easier to live in.

·         Sometimes, it's just time to sell and move into assisted living.

·         Sometimes, it's just time to sell and move to that golf course in a warmer climate.

·         These can all be good things when handled with care.



Baby boomers don't like the thought of growing older
but it's something we all will do, hopefully!



KJ was educated in Nursing at Valparaiso University. She worked as a Marketing Director of a not-for-profit home health agency in her home state, Indiana, for over two years and really saw firsthand how families can plan and learn to live with the changes of aging - both ours and our parents.

  Pictured above is KJ with her mom, Aladean, and her son, Dale. Much of the emotional intelligence of taking care of an aging parent is part of her life experience. Until her mother was 87, she lived in their family home until a health event made it impossible during which she was transferred to a nursing home where she lived for less than one year. Her mother was not about to give up her home of 50 years even though rheumatoid arthritis and other health problems had taken their toll for decades. For those from the WWII generation, they often feel the same way. She lived a short time in a nursing home and passed away peacefully. She did it her way!


Real estate is more than a "job" or a "business" for KJ, it's another phase of what she's been called to do in this life: pull together resources to help people by being an objective and stable force in the relationship dynamics by working with families with a holistic approach. In a sense, every real estate transaction is a life transition but many don't involve so many family members and special needs.


In CroMagnon times, the life expectancy was 25


In the Greek ages, the life expectancy was 28.


In the Middle Ages, the life expectancy was 31.


In the early to mid-20th century American life expectancy was 48.


NOW.... Americans can expect to live to 80
....representing numerous life transitions!


KJ lives in Poulsbo where she recently moved into a one level home with her husband, their dog and kids that come and go from ages 14 to 27.   She has lived in Kitsap County since 2001 after relocating from Chesterton, Indiana. She loves her work and loves to travel, write, participate in the communities she serves, entertain at home, spend weekends in the mountains and vacation by the oceans.  KJ is a member of the National Realtor Association, the Kitsap County Realtor Association and local board member, Senior Real Estate Specialist Council, a former board member of Kiros, a not-for-profit business group based in Bellevue, Washington.


Life is so Good!

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